Design Research

Immersion into the People Place and Possibilities using qualitative
research frameworks.


An outside-in, inside-out approach to designing the program and navigating complexities, uncertain, yet
exciting futures.

Appreciative Inquiry

Focus Group Discussions to find ideas and possibilities Persona Mapping User personas creation with key insights

Mapping Shifts

Connects dots to find the now, after and later through co creation sessions

Design Strategy

Comprehensive design strategy that helps provide a roadmap for a business /brand.
Brand Pulse Mapping perceptions, strengths, weaknesses and aspirations Creative Destruction / Destroy, Preserve, Create Immersive
workshops to find disruptive and
innovative solutions.

Service & Experience Design

Create strategies and experiences for the end users.

User Journeys
Mapping and Designing the touch points for a delightful user experiences

Hero’s Journey
Gamified narratives and
learner/user experiences